Internoded, Inc.
Key Features
  • Support for any enterprise smartphone
    • Designed for Blackberry Enterprise Server™, Windows Mobile™, and Good Mobile Messaging™
    • Applies corporate security policy consistently across all devices
    • Enabled for any carrier and leading messaging platforms
  • Single console to manage the whole lifecycle
    • Provides Administrators and Help Desk a portal for centralized control and reporting of multi-platform, multi-server, & multi-domain environments
    • Manages provisioning, using, updating, monitoring, and decommissioning smartphones
    • Consolidates cross-platform view of wireless activities: added users, wiped devices, deployed applications, changed policies
    • Allows Dynamic movement of users across servers
  • Self-service portal for device management
    • 24 x 7 access lets end users activate, reset passwords, upgrade, re-activate, or wipe devices
    • Blends with corporate intranet via single sign-on, customizable instructions, user interface branding
    • Creates audit trail of end-user actions for compliance, including custom Terms & Conditions
  • Automated policy & application management
    • Automates application and security policy deployment based on each userís corporate profile
    • Deploys, verifies, updates and removes applications
    • Integrates with existing corporate directory to allow rules for individuals or groups
    • Enforces and demonstrates compliance through detailed audit trails for every step of the lifecycle
    • Wipes lost, stolen and retired devices
  • Inspector with on-device verification
    • Proactively reports to IT all applications and service-books, as well as security policies and device status
    • Provides real-time, single-screen view of detailed device information to help desk and administrators
    • Enables immediate, direct push of applications and policies through on-device verification
    • Allows global updates of corporate security policies and application rules
  • Automated system optimization
    • Assigns users to best possible server, minimizing connections among wireless, email, & application servers
    • Balances the user load, notifying administrators when predetermined limits have been reached
    • Throttles server activity to reduce bandwidth congestion and avoid server crashes during peak activity
Mobile Device Lifecycle Management
for Enterprise

InterNoded Mobile Device Manager 4.0
Comprehensive, robust mobile device management solution

Enable the potential of your mobile infrastructure
The newest release of InterNodedís flagship product delivers innovative technology that accelerates mobile application deployment across the enterprise and allows companies to easily monitor the health and status of wireless devices across the enterprise while heightening security, ensuring compliance and lowering operational costs.

With InterNoded Mobile Device Manager (IMDM), end users get fast activation on their device of choice while enterprises easily deploy and manage thousands of mobile devices and applications, regardless of type, carrier, or platform.

"We required 44 servers to support 12,500 users. InterNoded re-architected our environment and implemented IMDM Enterprise. We can now support over 22,000 users on the same hardware."
Director of IT

Key benefits
Reduced Costs: Delivers a 40% - 60% reduction in Help Desk and support expenses through end-user self service, automated system optimization and detailed reporting of devices status.

Heightened Security & Compliance: Automates security policy implementation and support for compliance. Provides a detailed log of device, PIN and user history, telling companies exactly what is happening with any device and with the sensitive data on it.

Simplified Management: Built from the ground up for environments with a mix of wireless platforms with a central management console that manages all stages of deployment.

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Implementation and services
InterNoded Mobile Device Manager is available as a licensed version that can be easily installed and managed by enterprise clients, behind their corporate firewall.

A managed solution is also available for small- and medium-sized businesses.

InterNoded's solutions are complemented by a full range of professional services, including mobility healthcheck, systems planning, implementation, optimization, helpdesk, and upgrade management.